Final project planning has started.

I’m really happy with the way the last module panned out and as a research module I feel it has left me with lots to think about and work with (more work, less think) for this last, final, end of degree, exhibition module. THE END!

In these early stages I’m thinking about what I would alter and improve upon in the recently assessed work, and also what I need to try. Some bulletpoints…


  • try other casting materials
  • concrete?
  • wax? translucent
  • how to polish/finish different materials
  • unconventional materials which can melt/harden. Food? Sugar? Alongside conventinal materials – metals??



  • how to expand on the idea of rhythm???
  • improve the quality of images and filming – framing, content, light etc
  • the filming locations/subjects I used in neg.1 were in big exterior spaces. Is there a way of making some complimentary footage
  • multiple videos/screens?
  • how to develop links between the digital and physical materials….
  • refine audio – a balance between the just about dicernible rhythm of some sections and the obvious, more invasive and building rhythm in others.  Think about how to order these sections so that they flow and progress over time. ??
  • ^ this might mean an audio track for the video and an entirely separate audio which fills the space???



  • how to show the work in a space
  • bringing the work away from the wall – perspex walls?

– hanging/suspending?

  • lighting – how does this affect the space, sense of size/distance between work.
  • how to maintain a good environment for projection and directional lighting… external lights, tone of lighting etc
  • light on tranlucent objects
  • how lighting can emphasise or dampen the appearence of the textural surfaces of the object and casts in the space.


OBJECTS (separate from casts…):

  • bigger objects to cast from – I’d like all the objects in the space to be cast from some original manufactured form so that I can do sets of repeats (unidentical). The monitor worked well but I feel I need more substantial forms as well….
  • objects that relate to eachother and the overall theme
  • how will they sit in the space and alongside the casts??


I’m breaking these down into separate areas but they all need to respond to eachother and the overall idea I’m working with. I’ll also need to consider how this work relates thematically to my disseration. I definitely feel that I would not have what I have so far without the dissertation research but I’m aware that the relationship between that research and my studio practice might not be immediately apparent.


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