Question Spaces


Question Spaces was a week long residency in an empty shop on Bangor highstreet, set up by the Glitch collective at Mostyn, and run with artist Ronan Devlin. Unfortunately I don’t fit into the age criteria for the collective but the nice people at Glitch let me be involved anyway….

question wall 3

Small section of the wall of questions. There were 42 in total.

The project was about getting people talking really. Artists from around the world had been asked to pose a question, any question, and everyone taking part in the residency was going to try and answer a question/questions. Towards the end of the week the shop was open to the public who were able to contribute to the potenial answers by adding to the question wall or posing their own questions, and we had a final opening night on Saturday which was open to all.

 Here is the break down of the project from Mostyn.

I felt I needed to do something slightly separate from the main aim of the project, more a record of what took place, I wanted to document it somehow but with the idea of questioning and discussion in mind. This led me to make recordings of everyone in the group talking about their chosen question/questions, their interpretation of the question, how they would answer the question. These were edited to make four sound pieces which were set up at various points around the building, with speakers hidden away in the ceiling space. At each speaker point I had a pair of cups hanging from the ceiling. The idea was that they would be like the kind of string-cup telephones you make as a kid. In an ideal world they would have actually worked like phone cups. In reality they served more as a marker for where each sound piece was, although people were curious enough to put them to their ears and have a listen, which was the other idea prevalent throughout the week – while the emphasis was to pose questions, the flip side is that you must listen.

These are the four recordings in a kind of order, each one becomes a little more distorted culminating in the ums and errs of conversation.





I feel it was a successful week in the end, producing lots of varied responses. We didn’t have huge amount of time, and I think with more time, anther week perhaps, we would have been able to get more members of the public involved. It takes a while for word of mouth to spread, and once the work was in – at the end of the week – there would have been better opportunities to have conversations with another week (and another opening?).

It was a fun project though! I’m glad to have been able to take part somehow.

Some images of the finished work and opening night….


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