I’m not excellent at documenting research on here as I go unless it makes its way into a post about what I’ve been doing, instead I tend to make lists and notes and scribbles on bits of paper of things I need to look at and remember and think about. Here is a tidy version of some things I may not have already mentioned, relating to things and people I have looked at and thought about in a handy list-like form (with pictures…):


Mark Leckey/the internet of things/digital interconnectedness/relationships between ‘stuff’ – for my dissertation I looked at Leckey’s “The Unversal Addressability…” which, put very simply, addresses the subject of relationships between us and things. I was interested in the kind of mixture of leaps of faith, observations, and juxtapositions. Allowing connections to be made or acknowledging that they already exist?  It seems like an idea that lets the mind wander through suggestions, with no prescribed end point….


This Will Self article/radio episode. … about the infiltration of images in our environment/lives. I have mentioned this before, towards the end of 2nd year, and it returned to me when I was starting to think about this body of work, particularly after so much looking at things like Ryan Trecartin’s films  which visually are pretty full on. Having already considered sound and rhythm in Neg. 1, I wanted to use sound/the voice/the written word to trigger mental imagery, and acknowlege the rich and varied way we are all able to explore images internally….

I’ve just mentioned Tracartin, and I’ve thought of his script writing, which happens before his film making – language and communication are also flexible and pliable, liable to be used and interpreted in an uncontrolled way.

Canadian artist David Altmejd. These scupltures/installations look like futuristic vitrines, or strange transparent tower blocks. They’re really physical sculptures but with clean screen-like barriers and divisions containing the comparitively chaotic scene, they appear organic and technological, all the random grubbiness of nature in structured contained space. A system.



Timur Si-Qin and Katja Novitskova and things like this…. There is a lot going on with images that look like something else, especially once they’re viewed through a screen. It me question whether a work is made to be photographed, with reproduction in mind…


Sound art…. I feel I’m only begining to scratch the surface of what can be done with sound. There are really interesting points of contact/cross over with music, or sound as accompaniment, or sound made with a space in a mind, or speech…  Marina Rosenfeld, Brandon La Belle Susan Philipsz

Immersive work by Mariko Mori. …this work is meant to be contemplative and thoughtful…


Petra Cortright some of her digital paintings. Amongst video and installation pieces some of her digital paintings work like really slow digital animations, starting with imageery that evolvs morphs into new imagery. It’s a really inteersting concept about layering and associations and change, and making work which constantly responds to and within itself…


Adrian Villar Rojas



Voices Footsteps Telephone by  Julien Opie. The absent sound from a still scene…

Voices Footsteps Telephone 2000 by Julian Opie born 1958

Voices Footsteps Telephone 2000 Julian Opie born 1958 Purchased 2001


Haegue Yang

Sonic Figures. Sonic sculptures that need to be moved to generate their sound. Sonic-Figure-Yang-2873


Janet Cardiff – The Whispering Room



An atlas of words in the brain… how language is represented in the brain   article



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