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  This body of work has grown and altered in ways I couldn’t have predicted at the start, and this is great because it kind of demonstrates one of the things I was interested in – that ideas, actions, responses and ‘things’ can grow and evolve (claifying or distorting) in response to each other in […]

quick update…

I’m in the process of gathering a list of the reasearch and ideas I looked at while developing this project. In the meantime here are a couple of progress images… I’ve had practice run of suspending the small assemblages. I want to avoid any kind of grid pattern and instead have more of a sense […]


I’ve completed all of the digital aspect of my final work, phew! Feel like I’ve lost a week just playing catch up but it’s all done now and I’m working through all the physical aspects of the work – the small sculptural works as well as the physical and spacial considerations of installing it. The […]

Verbal Form Sound Image

London visit….

I had a very long list of things I wanted to see in London but it turned out there wasn’t enough time to see them all. Here’s what stood out from what I did see… First was the Lisson Gallery, which is in two venues in London. In the first we saw group exhibition ‘Line’, […]

Final Assessment for NEG1

Trying assess where I was before christmas and what I need to do to further refine and develop what I was working on. I wasn’t especially positive about the work but felt differently about it once it was up and installed, and since then I’ve had time reflect on it…. The general feedback was to […]

Studio practice continuation…

I have spent the last few weeks making plaster casts from clay and some  latex moulds and trying to continue expand a bit on all the studio practice so far this term. At our half way point I felt that I had a lot of bits n bobs, little experiments but not really much direction […]

more quick works at the half way point…

A couple more quick video and sound experiments. The sound is a distorted mobile phone ring tone. I doubt anyone really enjoys the ubiquitous call of a phone but once this ring tone was slowed I found its character changed a lot. It also has the same kind of trilling quality of the bell recordings […]

First week back in the studio….

I’m trying to start this new year (last year) the way I mean to go on in terms of getting ‘shit’ done and using this blog to document it. Although looking back I always start pretty well with blogging then just sort of trail off……… I’ve a really nice, big studio space so I’m happy […]