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So I was happily getting ready to finish for the night. Final project post written. Thought I would have a quick check over what I had covered in the last couple of weeks when I see that the post VERBAL FORM SOUND IMAGE from 2 weeks ago has lost all it’s text! I open and […]

  This body of work has grown and altered in ways I couldn’t have predicted at the start, and this is great because it kind of demonstrates one of the things I was interested in – that ideas, actions, responses and ‘things’ can grow and evolve (claifying or distorting) in response to each other in […]


I’m not excellent at documenting research on here as I go unless it makes its way into a post about what I’ve been doing, instead I tend to make lists and notes and scribbles on bits of paper of things I need to look at and remember and think about. Here is a tidy version […]

quick update…

I’m in the process of gathering a list of the reasearch and ideas I looked at while developing this project. In the meantime here are a couple of progress images… I’ve had practice run of suspending the small assemblages. I want to avoid any kind of grid pattern and instead have more of a sense […]


I’ve completed all of the digital aspect of my final work, phew! Feel like I’ve lost a week just playing catch up but it’s all done now and I’m working through all the physical aspects of the work – the small sculptural works as well as the physical and spacial considerations of installing it. The […]

Verbal Form Sound Image

London visit….

I had a very long list of things I wanted to see in London but it turned out there wasn’t enough time to see them all. Here’s what stood out from what I did see… First was the Lisson Gallery, which is in two venues in London. In the first we saw group exhibition ‘Line’, […]

Question Spaces

  Question Spaces was a week long residency in an empty shop on Bangor highstreet, set up by the Glitch collective at Mostyn, and run with artist Ronan Devlin. Unfortunately I don’t fit into the age criteria for the collective but the nice people at Glitch let me be involved anyway…. The project was about […]

British Art Show 8

Back in November I went to Leeds to see the British Art Show. It was a really varied show – texiles, painting, video work (installation and single screen), sculpture – and going quite soon after being at Frieze in London, it was also really resfreshing  (Frieze was a bit depressing really). It was while ago […]


Final project planning has started. I’m really happy with the way the last module panned out and as a research module I feel it has left me with lots to think about and work with (more work, less think) for this last, final, end of degree, exhibition module. THE END! In these early stages I’m […]