Trying assess where I was before christmas and what I need to do to further refine and develop what I was working on. I wasn’t especially positive about the work but felt differently about it once it was up and installed, and since then I’ve had time reflect on it…. The general feedback was to […]

I have spent the last few weeks making plaster casts from clay and some  latex moulds and trying to continue expand a bit on all the studio practice so far this term. At our half way point I felt that I had a lot of bits n bobs, little experiments but not really much direction […]

A few of us went to the Frieze in London a few weeks ago. It was weird although I think I would go again. Perhaps next time though, I would go for more than a day and see an actual exhibition as well this. Although it’s an opportunity to see many pieces in a day, […]

A couple more quick video and sound experiments. The sound is a distorted mobile phone ring tone. I doubt anyone really enjoys the ubiquitous call of a phone but once this ring tone was slowed I found its character changed a lot. It also has the same kind of trilling quality of the bell recordings […]

I’ve made some very quick and pretty rough bits of work with sound and video that have followed on from the first weeks work. They’re not exactly polished but I think they’ll be a starting point for figuring out how to make work about the things I’ve been interested in lately: digital technology (in everyday […]

I’m trying to start this new year (last year) the way I mean to go on in terms of getting ‘shit’ done and using this blog to document it. Although looking back I always start pretty well with blogging then just sort of trail off……… I’ve a really nice, big studio space so I’m happy […]

The final set of work comprises 5 new books along with the book I made after visiting Berlin. A different subject for each book – Mascots, Anthems, Handshakes, Doorways (the significance or otherwise of our buildings and private spaces) and new technologies in our culture (‘this can’t happen fast enough’). Mascots is a slightly incongruous […]

Something unexpected which popped up in the research for this project is the relatively recent consideration of sound in relation archaeological sites. This archaeological method/research is known as archaeoacoustics. Seems there was some fairly shaky science in there but as an area of research it seems to be gaining more credibility as archaeologists begin to […]

Tuesday on the week of the opening (Friday) we finally started to bring our work into the gallery space and began the process of pulling all these really different bits of works together and trying to balance the room. It’s a bit of the strange space, the low ceilings are not my favourite thing but […]

It’s our turn for the annual exhibition at Galeri Caernarfon. A few weeks ago we all started the process of creating a piece each for the exhibition as well designing posters, sorting out promotion, and organising a guest speaker for the opening. We had Rebecca Hardy on hand for the first couple of weeks, first […]