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Working outside

We spent the first half of the day working outside, first making small-ish works then a large scale piece. We were working from dense areas of foliage; branches, leaves, grasses, without not making overly literal images but instead thinking about to create depth and visual space out of a wild, organic source…      

Life room – paper layers

Another week where we had to make a surface at home ready to work with in the life room. This time we needed to make one surface with many layers of any kind of paper we could find which were then stitched together ready to be re-constructed, from a flat surface into a 3D piece. […]

Life room – composition and drawing in space…

Two days in the life room. Day 1. We used string, nails, thread, any kind of paper, and any kind of general stationary/office type stuff we could find. It was a few weeks ago now but the main point/function of the day I remember was that composition is key. They weren’t meaningful or expressive pieces […]

Llife Room – making surfaces

We had a week to make four surfaces. They needed to be thick, sturdy boards with a built up surface using varnish, soil, newspaper – anything…. and trying to disguise the methods/materials used. We then worked on these simultaneously, adding a subject to the surface, just in the form colour or creating the appearance of […]

2 days in the life room

I’m going to make the last two life room sessions into 1 post or I’ll forever be chasing all these missing days and feeling all back-logged-up. Man made and organic forms. First of all we were sent out to make 10 really quick drawings of organic forms around the college. Leaves, trees, grasses, small petals […]

In the life room

Our first life room session of the year with Iwan Parry was lively and fun. Starting with super quick drawings of the life model, Jan, who was constantly moving which meant our drawings were very quick and gestural. There was no time to over think or plan which got you looking and responding immediately. We […]