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Creating a narrative

After having a not very good time de-constructing a horrible shoe I was pretty relieved to see the brief we had for the week. We needed an item of clothing and an object from a charity/junk shop and we had to either de-construct them (no thanks) or create a narrative and take a series of […]

Nature/Nurture, De-construction/Re-construction

We had to respond to the ideas of Nature and Nurture. I made a lot of written notes since it’s such a big subject but didn’t really find any particular idea to stick with. I didn’t especially want to relate it to ‘self’ as we’ve been doing for other briefs so most of what I […]

Journey and Reflection

After our half term brief (3D drawing and artists text only book) we started the brief for the day – Journey and Reflection. We needed to make 6 small pieces. I ended up with 5. The first 3 were really quick. They were also not really all that great. I find them a bit insipid. […]

Making books and taking tables to Yorkshire…

We were given two briefs to complete over half term. The first was to paint a piece of furniture white in order to make a 3D drawing on it, then photograph it in 7 different locations. The second was to make a 10 page text only artists book. The furniture piece was the easiest to start. […]

Self as Subject – 1 day in the studio

Using 2 of the 5 pieces we’d made at home, we had to make 1 large human scale/life size piece and 1 macro piece. For whatever reason I was tired and not feeling very motivated and i think it showed in my work. I learned that different approaches work for different days/moods… To Mix To Mix was […]

Self as Subject (part 2)

We were set the task of producing 5 3D maquettes using the sculpter Richard Serra’s verb list, a list of 108 words used by the artist to provoke an unexpected reaction to materials or processes. Verb List After looking at some of Serra’s work online, and then wandering off on the internet, the way you […]

Self as Subject (Part 1)

The last two Mondays have seen us continuing to work on briefs that focus on the self as subject. We’re still using our questionnaire as a source of information as well as any pictures of ourselves, friends and family. Our day in the studio was a busy one, we had to create 6 quick pieces […]

All the places I have ever lived.

We were set a brief which started with a questionnaire all about ourselves. Much of it was pretty standard, factual information; our full name, place and date of birth, eye colour, hieght and wieght. Some of it was more personal or telling – food love and hate, aversion, favourite quote, weakness and strength. Most of […]

Induction project and Material Matters (part 2)

My last post didn’t end up covering everything I thought it would. I could have gone on for ages. I’m going to try and a bit more succinct. So, after our initial quick set of work made in response to our day in Bangor, the next day was our chance to visit the Material Matters […]

Induction Project and Material Matters exhibition (part 1)

My first tentative and awkward attempt at a blog… After the first week of form filling and boring admin the second week of term kicked off with a brief titled ‘Bangor in a Day’. Our first quick project really encouraged me to look more closely at my environment. A whole day spent wandering around town deliberately […]