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Final Piece – Books

The final set of work comprises 5 new books along with the book I made after visiting Berlin. A different subject for each book – Mascots, Anthems, Handshakes, Doorways (the significance or otherwise of our buildings and private spaces) and new technologies in our culture (‘this can’t happen fast enough’). Mascots is a slightly incongruous […]

Studio pactice sound experiments…

Something unexpected which popped up in the research for this project is the relatively recent consideration of sound in relation archaeological sites. This archaeological method/research is known as archaeoacoustics. Seems there was some fairly shaky science in there but as an area of research it seems to be gaining more credibility as archaeologists begin to […]

Studio practice thoughts…

Through research I’ve developed a method and the beginning of a set of themes that I’m going to work on for a final piece for this module. This has been the culmination of the initial research for this module – neolithic sites, visiting archives – but also the refreshing influence of Berlin and defining my […]

Berlin and ongoing studio practice….

The February trip to Berlin was too short and too boozy and yet proved to be really helpful and refreshing in terms of the ongoing studio practice. This module is sooo long it’s hard to maintain any momentum and I’ve also found it hard to commit to one thing. It’s been brought into focus a […]


Since the direction I was heading in for the last short module was a bit of a non-starter I’ve embarked on an entirely different route for this next, much longer, module…. This is not an attempt to be creepy! I’m really not interested in that. It’s more about using these ancient monuments/sites as a starting […]