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Before putting the final piece together I wanted to get some images of my prefered set up for the video. Ideally I would have prefered to show three tiles each with either the paint or flour on the surface and then project from a above. It wasn’t really practical to set up a projector from above with the time I had so I’ve settled for projecting on the wall and using a transparent perspex shelf underneath the tiles to put the paint and flour on…


Three tiles

Three tiles


It’s a bit wonky but I tried just holding the projector above the tiles to see how this would look. I think this would have been an interesting set up, especially using white paint, rather than coloured so the tile and paint and tile colours would be apparent.


A bit wonky.

A bit wonky.


Using the tile mask image to set the tile positions on the wall...

Using the tile mask image to set the tile positions on the wall…


Rough shelf before making the proper one...

Rough shelf before making the proper one…


Weeks 3 and 4

The last two weeks were spent trying to refine ideas or further explore the techniques we’d been shown. I don’t feel that I really pushed my idea that far but was keen to get a satisfactory edit of the footage I did have.

I made another two clips using the same theme of something revealing itself, this time using black paint on a tile and flour on black card, and then spent some time editing these three clips. I wanted to get a smooth transistion from one substance to another – red paint to blue tile, blue tile to black paint, black card to flour – using a square mask to mimick the shape of the tile. I found that the final thing was a bit too long. Even speeding sections up didn’t really get it too the right length as I didn’t want to have it moving too quickly and I didn’t want to cut sections out in case it became jumpy so the obvious solution was to make a mask of three tiles and show the footage simultaneously.

tile mask

tile mask

Simultaneous videos

Simultaneous videos

This also meant more opportunity to think about how to show the work. Working with three tile instead of one allowed me to try and incorporate the substances in the video into a slightly more physical piece.

Week 2

We were asked to get more still frame footage together for this week but started the day looking at a couple of new techniques and programs. The first was Cinema 4D, which I’d like to too have at home to play about with in my own time. All of these programs are pretty complex so we kind of just scratch the surface but with this particular program was surprisingly easy to get something quickly.

Feels like there’s a whole world of opportunity when I at look at the Cinema 4D screen/workspace although I’m sure I would have come to grinding halt if  I had to do anything complicated. Fortunately we were just choosing a simple shape and animating it. I went for a torus, otherwise known as a doughnut. Changing the shape a little, choosing a colour and surface texture, getting different views of your object and then getting it move around an axis was fairly straight forward. And once it’s saved and exported it looks like a blue doughnut floating in space. Excellent.

space age

space age

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 12.27.35


Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 12.27.20


Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 12.27.13


We were also shown how to use Illustrator and After Effects to create an animated line and how to use key frames to create a loop so the line draws on and draws off…

We could draw whatever we wanted but for some reason I drew this crap unimaginative shape...

We could draw whatever we wanted but for some reason I drew this crap unimaginative shape…

I haven’t really remembered any of this bit, I’d have to look it up to figure out what to do again….

Then we moved on to editing bits of our own footage. I’d made a couple of clips at home based on the idea of revealing or uncovering something. I covered a tile in a thick layer of paint and used a jet of water to push and clear the paint away. Visually you get some good patterns appearing and dissolving, often revealing themselves like in map-like topographical way which was a nice surprise as this ties in further to my studio work and adds another layer to what is essentially a very simple clip.

red paint and water

red paint and water

Just to see if I could, I tried putting the animated line over the paint footage… and also added a funny oval mask thing. Looks a bit silly but I find that there are so many processes to learn that just fiddling around with something that isn’t important for my work is good way to get more familiar without feeling precious about the result…

screen shot

screen shot of the wiggly 80’s line

Black paint/Galaxy

I also made a clip using black paint, giving a super high shine look. And then started to use a square mask to mimic the tile shape… This lead on to a suggestion to think about projecting on to a tile which I think could potentially work really well. This would also result in a final piece where there would be an element of sculpture/installation too rather than just a video which is more in keeping with my work really…

square tile

square tile

Week 1

Video! Last year I got pretty much instantly frustrated with Premiere Pro and having to use the macs but it’s amazing what even a little bit of familiarity can do for confidence and willingness in the way you approach things, so this year was definitely less frustrating.

Although there is a general theme for the project we’re aiming towards, ‘Searching’, and we need to try to relate that a little to our studio practice, it’s a pretty open brief…

Briefly, in my main studio practice I’ve started to look at neolithic sites on Anglesey. I’m interested in a few different ideas revolving around looking at these places but a simple transferable one which relates to this work is the idea of ‘Searching’ for records, or evidence, or signs of….something…

In terms of new skills this first week we started by just re-capping what we’d learnt the year before (basic Premiere functions) but we were asked to consider framing a bit more and for this first week looked gathering footage where the subject or action moves in and out of a still frame instead of following a subject around.

These are still from the footage of flipping through pages, something I did with a dictionary as well but prefered the crisp whiteness and shadows of a blank sketch book. I added a bit of an echo effect which you can see in the pages…

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 13.27.38

flipping pages still

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 13.28.34



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